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Kit Kat Dinner and Clubs


Voted Vendor of the year 2010 by VIP Bachelorette’s clients!

This dinner & mini show allows female impersonators to strut their stuff at this stylish martini lounge and restaurant. Kit Kat features its own roster of divas, female impersonators who dress as iconic performers and lip-sync or actually sing their top tunes while strolling through the audience. Kit Kat’s a favorite with bachelorette parties because the divas are as much a focus as the drinks. The lounge features a robust martini menu of around 70 concoctions, including the Angel martini garnished with a cherry speared with a white feather.


Transportation Upgrade *


Product Description

  • ✔ Dress to impress
  • ✔ No Gym shoes, sandals or flip flops
  • ✔ Dollars for tipping


When you book this package you receive the following:

  • ✔ A complete dinner
  • ✔ Female impersonator show starts at 6pm (on Saturdays)
  • ✔ Guaranteed reserved seating



  • ✔ VIP Clubbing at 2 other locations with all the perks listed
  • ✔ Access to the VIP pre-party on Saturday nights with a gift for the guest of honor and a photo shoot for the group, martini for the guest of honor
  • ✔ A party host to check on your group throughout the night

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