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9 Hours Long From 8:00 PM - 5:00 AM

Naughty Little Cabaret Package


About This Package

The Naughty Little Cabaret is Chicago’s newest girl’s night out show, which includes a variety of naughty little acts including the world renowned Stage Door Johnnies (Male Burlesque Performers), diva performances from female impersonators, a singing emcee, and tons of sexy surprises!


Transportation and Add Ons *

Dinner Add On


Product Description

  • ✔ Dress To Impress- you will not be allowed in if not dressed appropriately
  • ✔ Ids- Required at all clubs and bars. you must be 21
  • ✔ Drinks-You may bring alcohol for the bus. You may not bring outside alcohol into the clubs. We are also not responsible for items left on the bus.
  • ✔ Money– for tips and extra drinks.
  • ✔ Good Attitudes!-Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.


  • ✔ The Naughty Show with reserved seating and one shot per guest

Transportation Options

  • ✔ Choice of 2 bars/clubs with the perks listed
  • ✔ Party Host to check on your group
  • ✔ Pre-Party with photo-shoot**
A detailed itinerary is given to the person who organize the event.  They have chosen the clubs or bars that you eill be attending.   If you need a copy of the itinerary, you must contact that person.