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VIP Clubbing


Bright lights, hot dance clubs, big celebrities, lavish photo shoots, champagne toasts, and limousines. It happens in Chicago every night. Want in? We will get you in and get you noticed. VIP Clubbing is our most popular package. With over 50 nightclubs, lounges, and bars to choose from; you can choose whether you want to dance, relax, sip martinis or sing all night at a karaoke bar.


VIP Clubbing Transportation Upgrade *


Product Description

  • ✔ Dress To Impress- you will not be allowed in if not dressed appropriately
  • ✔ Ids- Required at all clubs and bars. you must be21
  • ✔ You may not bring outside alcohol into the clubs.
  • ✔ Money– for tips and extra drinks.
  • ✔ Good Attitudes!-Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • ✔ Itinerary given to the person who planned the event through VIP


A detailed itinerary is given to the person who organize the event.  They have chosen the clubs or bars that you eill be attending.   If you need a copy of the itinerary, you must contact that person.

How This Package Works


When you book this package you receive the following:

  • ✔ 3 nightclubs or bars from our list of venues
  • ✔ No cover
  • ✔ Express entry
  • ✔ Drink perk listed with the club (I.E. round of shots, round of drinks, or champagne toast)


  • ✔ Access to the VIP pre-party on Saturday nights
  • ✔ A party host to check on your group throughout the night

Guide to VIP Clubbing


Dress Codes –  What a great time to dress up!
Dress codes at Chicago clubs and Chicago bars vary from location to location, but MUST be followed. Doormen have the final say as to who is let in. If they feel someone is underdressed they may turn your group away and there is nothing we can do. Here are some helpful VIP Bachelorette tips to obey the dress codes:

Forget the flip flops, those are for the beach. But you can do nice flats or Gladiator sandals if heels aren’t your thing. Think of how you would dress up not how you would go grocery shopping.
Ripped jeans are for shopping days.
Stay away from hats; you will have to take them off anyway. You can always figure out some fun ways to style your hair!

Come on ladies, it’s a big night! Think heels, dresses, stylish pants and blouses. Don’t forget all the photos that will be taken! If in doubt, look up the venue(s) online to get a detailed list of dress codes.




VIP Party Hosts – They’re cute, fun and free!
Party Hosts are available during your event at no cost. If you need assistance, (s)he is just a phone call away. Your itinerary will have your party hosts information listed. The party host is not going to be with you throughout the night, unless indicated on your package and you paid additional for a private host. Yes, we know they are cute and fun, but other parties need them too!

Party hosts can help with things such as:


  • ✔ General questions or concerns
  • ✔ Event emergencies or issues
  • ✔ Lost itineraries
  • ✔ Letting a venue know you will be late
  • ✔ Locating your transportation


VIP Party Hosts MAY NOT hang out with your group all night… Sorry ladies! We do not want to intrude on your memory making. We do offer the option of having a host stay with your group throughout the event for an additional fee. Simply ask your planner.


If you are asked to leave a venue, party hosts cannot assist in re-entry. They can however; possibly put you on the list at another venue. So please follow club guidelines.

Whether you booked through VIP, or the club directly you will have the same outcome on entry and/or if you are asked to leave.  The advantage to booking through us is lower entry fees, express entry and most importantly; a backup in case there is an issue. We will be there to assist you.


The office is closed on Friday & Saturday evenings; so please make sure you have your Party Host’s contact number (located on your itinerary). The only person that should contact the party host is the person who planned the event. The party hosts will have that person’s information as well. Texting the party host is preferred as he or she may be in a nightclub with another group. You may see your party host several times during the evening or not at all. Don’t be surprised if he or she surprises the guest of honor with something! It’s the VIP lifestyle!



At the Door – Patience is a virtue!
Door men at clubs do not have an easy job. They are dealing with fake ids, intoxicated guests and people screaming at them. Do not begin yelling, demanding or talking all at once. This will only make your wait longer and possibly get you turned away. The door person has the best interest of the club in mind.  Additionally, some clubs will only allow people in who fit their brand.  We cannot guarantee you will get in if your group does not follow the guidelines or fit their standards.

The person who booked the party with VIP Bachelorette selected the package and venue.  We only make recommendations based on the guest of honors preference.  It is your group’s responsibility to decide if your group will fit the nightclubs standards.


When you arrive at a club, be prepared to give the Guest of Honors name to the person at the door. Make sure your group has their IDs out and ready when arriving. The first person checking in should be the person who made the reservations, the designated driver or the most sober. Inform the door host of your arrival prior to standing line. The door host should check the list and let your group in after checking IDs. Sometimes they may ask your group to wait while they help another group and this is totally normal. If you run into any issues with your group not being on the list, be patient and inform the door host of when and who you made your reservations with and text your VIP host immediately.  Remember, the door hosts have final say as to who they allow entry to. If anyone in your group is rude, angry, or even over served, they can deny entry to your whole group. If for any reason you are turned away at the door, lead the girls to the next bar or club and shrug it off.  Your VIP Host will assist you in putting your group on the list at another venue.  Remember, the reservations are under the guest of honor’s name




Your Itinerary- You want to forget ex- not the itinerary!
The itinerary will be available by Thursday. You must print the itinerary and take it with you the night of the event. If you do not have the itinerary, there is a chance you will not be let in a venue. You also won’t have important numbers and addresses that you will need to get to your locations. Save it to your phone and then you won’t have to carry it all night!





VIP Pre Party- Start the night off with a bang!
If you attend the pre-party and have photos taken, they will be available by Tuesday or Wednesday following your event. The link is available on our Facebook page. Photos are taken on a first come/first serve basis and are complimentary from VIP. If you arrive late and don’t get a chance to have them taken, grab some drinks and have fun. The pre-party is from 6-10pm. If you really want some more photos after that? Slip the photographer a tip and ask her if she will stay an extra 15 minutes. She just might!




Tipping Tip well, or die of thirst!
Bring plenty of dollars for tips. Bartenders are more likely to serve big tippers than their regulars! Although we offer many all-inclusive packages, gratuity is not included for bartenders. In a nightclub where it is really busy, tipping is one way to get great service and better drinks. Bartenders and servers rely on tips to make sure they can pay their bills and fill their fridges. You should plan on tipping your bartender at least $1 per drink, or between 15% and 20% of your total end-of-the-night tab. In the end, you might be saving money, as bartenders will often take care of good tippers with the occasional free shot or drink. In addition, they will probably serve you a lot faster the next time around because they will remember you! Don’t be rude…this will only get you water downed drinks, if they even serve you again…



Intoxicated Friends Don’t be that person….
No one wants to regulate the amount of alcohol consumption during a party, but when you and your best girlfriends go out for the night, it is imperative to make sure that everyone is drinking responsibly and within their limit. Designate someone to be in charge of getting any over-served guests back to their home or hotel safely. If not, drunken friends can create unwanted stress and ruin the entire evening. Yelling at club staff, drivers, and or hosts will only make things worse. Remember when people are drinking, things may seem worse than they actually are.  Pace the drinks so that your group can enjoy each venue.



Are you ready to get your sassy on?